Official Minecraft Coming to iPhone, iPad, Android

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Rejoice miners! An official version of Minecraft is coming to the iPhone, iPad and even the Android.


Speaking with Kotaku earlier this month, Mojang's head of business development Danial Kaplan said that while the developer had discussions with third party developers, in the end they decided to "do the iOS/Android version of Minecraft inhouse."

The port is due out later this year.

This may be the first time a port of a game hits a mobile device before the game itself is done. Minecraft remains in beta, with nebulous plans for a full release perhaps later this year.


nate venture

So when are they going to make it so I can actually buy the damn game with my debit card (in the U.S.)? I get nothing but consistent error messages trying to buy it, yes I've tried Paypal but that uses the same card and also gets an error.