In what might seem a wee bit familiar to fans of a certain city-building video game, the folks at ComiXology have had to apologize for offering a product that their servers can't handle. Two days after the leading digital seller of comics announced a short-time offer for 700 free, downloadable first issues of Marvel comic books, the company has had to pull and postpone the sale.


"We expected a high degree of excitement for the Marvel initiative–and had believed ourselves prepared–but unfortunately we became overwhelmed by the immense response," ComiXology CEO David Steinberger said on the company's blog yesterday. "We're still struggling to keep our systems up." Basically, their servers couldn't keep up.

He says the offer will return when ComiXology is better prepared.

One wonders exactly what kind of response they were expecting when offering 700 free Marvel comics for iOS, Android and web browsers.

We'll let you know when the offer's back on.

A Message From The CEO [ComiXology]

[Top pic: Cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #33]

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