Of Course, There Will Be 2D Games On The 3DS

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The 3DS is Nintendo's upcoming glasses-free 3D portable device. Not all gamers like 3D. Nintendo knows this.


According to Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto at a recent Q&A, "When Super Mario became Mario 64, the size of the audience shrunk." Some players were put off by the leap from traditional 2D Mario platforming to a three dimensional experience.

To overcome that barrier, Nintendo has worked to make non-traditional platforming games like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 accessible to all players. Likewise, Nintendo is doing what it can to ensure that the 3DS can be enjoyed by all players.


"Of course," Miyamoto added, "we are making both (3D and 2D games). Which is more appealing? Well, each of them are."

However, the game designer went on to explain that depth in 3D Mario and Zelda games could be easier expressed than compared with 2D games. The same goes with the weight of characters.

"I want players to be aware of weight in my games," Miyamoto said. "That there is the proper heft." When characters jump and land, they should feel solid. This makes them feel real. For Miyamoto, the addition of 3D makes the character's weight that much more evident.

"During the Virtual Boy era, we tried out various things," Miyamoto said about Nintendo's earlier failed attempt at 3D gaming. "It brings back memories." He added that he still has ideas for Mario and that he is looking going to use them in the 3DS.


Back in May, Nintendo told Forbes that the 3D function on the 3DS could be switched off, allowing players to toggle between 2D and 3D.


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I was afraid OOT (3DS) started a new era of Zelda games where we wouldn't see any more top downs. I'm hoping that Zelda: Phantom Train (or whatever it's called) was not the last top down Zelda game.