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Of Course Ikumi Nakamura's Rainbow Six Siege Skins Are Dope

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Image: Ubisoft

I don’t play Rainbow Six Siege, but Ubisoft’s recent collaboration with Ikumi Nakamura might change my mind.

Nakamura, the creative director who won the gaming world’s heart with her energetic GhostWire: Tokyo presentation at E3 2019, has been bouncing around the industry as a freelancer since leaving ZeniMax Media subsidiary Tango Gameworks later that year. Her latest gig is with Ubisoft, specifically in designing a couple of spooky operator uniforms for Rainbow Six Siege. Much like Nakamura herself, they absolutely rule.


These uniforms, which are available for purchase now, also outfit operators Echo and Dokkaebi with matching weapon skins and charms. After a brief perusal of the rest of the skins in the game, I can safely say Nakamura’s contributions are far and away the coolest Rainbow Six Siege has ever seen.


“Since it’s an FPS, I even designed the nails of the female operators with care!” Nakamura wrote on Twitter earlier this week. “Isn’t it nice to get dressed up on the battlefield once in a while?”

Nakamura also shared a few concept sketches from her time designing for Rainbow Six Siege. At some point in the process, she even suggested surrounding Dokkaebi’s face in flames due to the origins of the Korean operator’s name in Japanese, but admitted such an effect was probably “overdone.”

With a résumé designing for some of the most stylish video games of all time (Okami, Bayonetta, The Evil Within, et al), it should come as no surprise that Nakamura’s Rainbow Six Siege skins are incredible. Here’s hoping her dream of opening her own studio is realized sooner rather than later.