Of Course, Final Fantasy XIII Is PC Bound! [Updated]

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Yes, yes, we know. While some just seem to be figuring this out, Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the Xbox 360 *and* the PC. Square Enix announced this way back at its E3 press conference. Probably going lost in the jaw-dropping Xbox 360 announcement. To review, here's how the FFXIII development cycle is going down: First do the PS3 version, then the PC version and then the Xbox 360 version. And hey, there's been Final Fantasy games on the PC game before, so this isn't exactly something out of left field.


In case you missed it, here's our liveblog of Square Enix's E3 presser. In it, I liveblogged: "kitase says they're currently running it on a pc, so they don't know the work load of getting it on the 360. they are putting priority on the PC version." Also, here's a link to a post on the Nvidia site about the PC version.

Update: We contacted Square Enix, and according to the company, "The game is being built using PC-based development tools, but that doesn't mean it's being created for the PC platform. Our current plans are to release FFXIII for the PS3 and Xbox 360 only. Sorry for the confusion!" So to recap, it's being created with PC-based dev tools, but with plans only for PS3/Xbox 360 console release.



Well, actually, in the case of a developer like Square that's extremely inexperienced in multiplatform development, it COULD negatively effect the game. They'll have to chop it up to make sure it can fit on DVDs, make sure that everything is scalable to the 360 platform, and a lot of PS3-only features are going to have to be excised.

The only good thing is that Square's not even starting the 360 version until after the game is done and shipped, so it likely won't effect the final product too much, and if it does, most of the problems will be with the 360 build.