Odin Sphere Going HD Next Year

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It’s called Odin Sphere: Leiftrasir. One of the most beautiful PlayStation 2 games ever made is going HD.


The newly announced Odin Sphere: Leiftrasir not only has HD graphics, but also new enemies and new bosses as well as tweaked gameplay. The HD version does keep the 2D scrolling gameplay, and there is a “Classic Mode” for fans of the original gameplay.

Odin Sphere: Leiftrasir will be out on the PS3, PS4, and the PS Vita next January in Japan. No word yet on an international release.

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Lust Envy

I’m sorry, but you can’t reconvert low res sprites into HD. All you can do is blow them up, making them look softer/blurrier, and or use weird filters, that ruins the aesthetic. That is, unless the core assets were HD to begin with.

AGAIN: YOU CAN’T TURN 2D SPRITES INTO HD, without completely redoing them. This bogus HD needs to stop.

Drago’s Crown was already built for HD, which that’s fine. Odin Sphere, I assume, was not.