Odds Of A Shameless BioShock Or GTA MMO Appear To Be Low

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The chairman of the company that puts out everything from Civilization to BioShock to Grand Theft Auto explains why he's never rushed to try to turn his top series into the next World of Warcraft. For that, we are thankful.


This was the beginning of Take Two chief Strauss Zelnick's response to a question at a gathering of game company bosses and investors put together by the BMO Capital Markets group. The question was about Take Two's interests in making MMOs. Zelnick began with the quote above, comparing the highly successful two he named with the fact that more than 100 massively multiplayer online games have been released in America.

Take Two is putting out a version of its NBA series as a massively multiplayer online game in China, relying on local expertise in that country.



EVE, Final Fantasy, Guild Wars. They're some of the biggest.

I don't know what he means by 'worked'. But is he implying that the ideas that they have would not?

It's kind of presumptuous of me to come to this. But the fact the he is so vague leads me to it.

I can see why he may not think it's worth breaking into the MMO market, but the reason he is giving shouldn't be it.