Ocarina of Time 3D Gets a (Short) Animated Trailer

Ahead of Nintendo's E3 press conference, the company has still found time to hype the upcoming Ocarina of Time re-release on 3DS with this slick new commercial, featuring short CG-animated scenes from the game.


Darren Doyle

At about 0:10 - "Use Parental Controls to restrict 3D mode for children 6 & under." ... As someone who is about to have a kid, it scares me that this is the first I've seen any warning of this nature (in super-tiny print on a brief trailer from E3, no less). Is this warning emblazoned across materials somewhere before or after purchase where parents might actually read it? Even then, I have to wonder how many parents out there (who ever actually see the warning) aren't going to take this seriously (the number of "6 & under" kids you can see in a rated R movie with their parents isn't a good indicator). Hopefully we don't raise up a generation of kids with messed-up depth perception.

Now I'll have to do some research, but I'm guessing the same goes for all the other 3D stuff (TVs, movies, etc.) out there... although, I haven't seen any warnings...