The latest "Iwata Asks" segment, this time touching on Link's Crossbow Training and the Wii Zapper, is a doozy. It's Miyamoto and Iwata kicking back, enjoying tea and biscuits, and telling us all about some of the crazy, crazy shit they may or may not have actually planned for not only Link's Crossbow Training, but the Zelda series itself. Like, what kinda crazy shit? How about an idea to originally make Ocarina of Time a first-person Zelda adventure. Or that Miyamoto thought they could justify Link's use of a gun (ie the Wii Zapper) by having the game feature a "Terminator style story about a time warp from the future". Or that the idea for the Zapper came from a Twilight Princess dev showing Miyamoto he'd stuck a Wii Remote and Nunchuk together using rubber bands, only to be told to get lost because he had more important work to be doing. Like I said, they may be true, they may be total lies, who cares, it's good reading.

Iwata Asks: Link's Crossbow Training [Nintendo]


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