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Obsidian's New RPG Raises Almost $4 Million, Sets a Kickstarter Record

Illustration for article titled Obsidians New RPG Raises Almost $4 Million, Sets a Kickstarter Record

Earlier this year, Double Fine's adventure game Kickstarter raised $3.3 million from fans. At the time, it was a record for a video game on the service, but that mark has now been passed by Project Eternity, an RPG from veteran developers Obsidian.


The closing bell just sounded on their Kickstarter drive, and it's raised $3.9 million (it was originally asking for "just" $1.1 million), which not only sets a new record for video game funding, it serves as a reminder that as long as the developer in question has a reputation and is promising something people want, people will pay.


So congratulations, Obsidian! Let's hope the game—a "party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world"—is as awesome as it sounds!

Project Eternity

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Why do people want to give money to a company that consistently puts out bug-ridden crash-tastic software? Didn't these people play New Vegas?