Obamacare, Facebook or Unreal Engine: Guess Which Uses More Code

Computer code. It powers damn near everything in our lives at this point. But we really only ever think about it when it breaks. So, let's think about how many lines of code make CryEngine 2, World of Warcraft and the Curiosity Mars Rover.

There's a swank infographic over at Information Is Beautiful that shows how many millions of lines of code are inside the apps, machines, and games we use everyday. Some surprises lurk in the eye-catching color-coded chart, like the fact that WoW's server programming uses more code than the Large Hadron Collider's root software (initially, at least). Designer David McCandless admits to some guesswork but if these are at all accurate, it's clear that code-savvy auto mechanic will be the career of the future.


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