Obama Compares Health Insurance To Buying A PlayStation

Earlier this month, president Barack Obama mentioned Microsoft's Xbox as a way to frame the government shutdown. Today, it's PlayStation's turn: this time, Obama's comparing health insurance to Black Friday sales.


Clearly the president of the United States understands how important it is to stay neutral in this high-stakes next-gen console war. If you're the president of the United States, and you decide to talk about Xbox, you've gotta throw in a PlayStation mention too. We wouldn't want the country to get caught up in another long, drawn-out console war. Our troops deserve better.


I guess Nintendo has to be next? Someone make sure Obama knows that a Wii U isn't just a Wii accessory.

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"Now please understand, ahhhh... If you have a pre-existing console like the Wii U. We will not hold it against you. Everybody will have a chance at the new consoles in time."