Man, I was either laughing with delight or staring in awe at almost all of the cosplay you'll see in this gallery. Obscure characters, sexy gender swaps and straight-up well-executed costuming are all on display here. And it needs to be said that the dude done up as the White Queen—dubbed Emmet Frost by a friend—was turning lots of heads at the Marvel booth on Saturday.

I saw a few Captain Marvels, owing to the popularity of Carol Danvers' current series. BUt I had to tip my hat to the only person dressed up in her Binary persona. Similar kudos go out to the couple who went as Elongated Man and original 1940s Red Tornado, Ma Hunkel. And there was apparently a decapitated-hero-head theme going on for villains, too. More NYCC 2013 cosplay here and here.