This video is almost certainly the launch video for Nvidia's new GPU, the GeForce GTX680, leaked ahead of schedule.


In the video, Nvidia's VP of corporate marketing Ujesh Desai walks us through the new features of the superpowered GPU, focusing on a new feature called "GPU Boost," which takes unused power and reroutes it to processing tasks, essentially overclocking the card on the fly.

He also demonstrates a new type of anti-aliasing he calls TXAA, which allows for much smoother, better-performing AA in games, as well as updates to the PhysX physics system and some high quality hair-simulation. At one point, a giant Bigfoot-looking thing gets blow-dried.


I haven't gotten a new graphics card in a while, and while I don't usually throw down for top-of-the-line stuff, I would like to see Skyrim running on four monitors someday...

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