Scummy Hearthstone Trick Prevents People From Taking Turns

There’s a shady new move floating around certain circles in Hearthstone, Blizzard’s addictive—and excellent—digital card game.

Thanks to a legendary dragon card called Nozdormu, which cuts player turns from 45 seconds to 15, crafty Hearthstone sneaks have figured out how to manipulate the game so that their opponents can’t actually do anything. The trick: use the long animations on cards like Youthful Brewmaster (which returns a friendly minion to a player’s hand) to take up an opponent’s entire (now-shortened) turn. Players can’t act while animations are happening, so with some careful timing, an exploiter can render their opponent totally helpless.


You can watch the trick in the above video (via Eurogamer). Hopefully Blizzard has caught wind and will fix it soon.

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