Vlambeer's Rami Ismail accidentally inspired a Nuclear Throne challenge, to beat the current version of the game using only the pistol. 10 hours after it was officially proposed, Wizard_Amul did it.


If you aren't familiar with the game, it's currently available in Early Access on Steam, for PC and Mac currently with, consoles coming later. The game is a bit shoot-em-up and a bit roguelike, where levels are randomly generated and you have to shoot your way through 7 worlds using whatever weapons you find along the way. Each character starts with a simple pistol that isn't very great compared to the game's other weapons like triple machineguns and nuke launchers. Despite that, somehow, Wizard_Amul managed to "loop" the game (finish all the current content) using only a pistol.

If this kind of thing sounds fun to you, there's a new challenge up, and you can win a steam game from another Nuclear Throne player. Go give it a shot!


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