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August video game hardware sales were, like most of 2009, down from the previous year. But at least PlayStation 3 sales were up considerably from the month prior, selling almost twice the amount thanks to a mid-month price drop.


According to the NPD Group, Sony sold 210,000 PlayStation 3s in the U.S. last month. With a $100 drop taking effect at some retailers as early as August 18th, that likely translates to a price conscious boost in sales. The Xbox 360, which also experienced a late August drop, got a minor boost.

In fact, every platform, with the exception of the PlayStation 2, saw a rise in sales, but it was the PS3's that stands out from the pack. Leading that pack, however, was the Nintendo DS, which more than half a million units in August, DS Lite and DSi combined.

Overall, though, it was bad news for the industry, which saw its sixth consecutive month-to-month decline.

  • Nintendo DS - 552,900
  • Wii - 277,400
  • Xbox 360 - 215,400
  • PlayStation 3 - 210,000
  • PSP - 140,300
  • PlayStation 2 - 105,900

Total hardware spend for August was $297.60 million, according to the NPD Group. That's down from $395.34 million from August 2008.

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