The NPD sales charts come with a hefty caveat: they don't include digital download sales, meaning we're not getting the full picture when it comes to game sales. So, to fix this, the NPD Group are introducing digital sales charts.

The NPD Group's David Riley has told MCV "The charts are needed in much the same way that retail and online tracking services are needed."


"Objective third party tracking is essential to separating the wheat from the chaff. In other words, accurate tracking will provide a no-nonsense view of what's happening on the publisher level, keeping away from the spin, and in some cases, misleading information that often appears on the internet.

"Misinformation can have a dramatic, negative impact on a publisher's bottom line."

A plug for their own services, sure, but also a welcome one. Provided, that is, every publisher/platform signs up for the service.
First digital chart coming to US? [MCV]