Now You Too Can Dress Like L4D's Zoey

If you're a fan of, say, Francis, Left 4 Dead cosplay is a cinch. But Zoey can be a little harder, because her red tracktop isn't exactly off-the-shelf.

Sure, you could just get a plain red tracktop from your local sports/department store, but as a Left 4 Dead fan, you're not the type who settles for second-best. You demand authenticity, and Etsy craftsperson FeralWorks produces just that: a 100% authentic replica of Zoey's tracktop.

It can be yours for $65, and also "custom-made to fit your measurements", so Zoey's legion of adoring male fans aren't being left out in the post-apocalyptic cold.


Be warned, though: it's in no way guaranteed to be as resilient against zombie bites as it is in the game.


Custom Left 4 Dead Zoey Cosplay Jacket [Etsy, via Wonderland]

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