Now We Can All Pretend Our 3DS Is A Pokédex

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I've never used the Pokémon compendium known as the Pokédex much in the Pokémon games, but the idea of having a physical Pokédex is still really cool. Sure, you could buy a toy Pokédex, or, you can put a decal on your red 3DS to make it look like one instead!


If you think the latter option is more appealing, here's a neat find via Tiny Cartridge: an Etsy shop that sells a Pokédex decal kit for your 3DS. 15 bucks a pop.

If you have some extra money you're itching to part with, you could even get the official Pokédex app, too. It's expensive, though (and not for the 3DS.)


Pokedex decal kit for red 3DS & 3DS XL [GameThemedThings's Etsy Shop, Via Tiny Cartridge]

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Back in the early 2000's I had the real damn thing.