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Now This Is the Female Shepard We Should Be Voting For

I don't like the new female Commander Shepard. Mostly because it's stupid they're changing her in the first place, but also because in all options she looks like a 19 year-old who's angry the Ford Fiesta her parents bought her just got a parking ticket.

But these pieces of fan art from Brazilian Rafael Grassetti, I like. OK, so there's a gaping hole in her body armour, which is a little silly, but aside from that nod to sauciness the rest of her looks lean, mean and ready to kick some alien ass. Just like Commander Shepard should.

Not that this is an attempt at a female Shepard. It's just fan art, "inspired" by the Mass Effect universe. But that won't stop me dreaming!

Oh, and Grasetti should be a name you're familiar with: he's the guy who made that unbelievable Thane sculpture we showed you a few months back. Talented bloke!


Hoshi [The Art of Rafael Grasetti]

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