To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: King of Pop Has Passed

Earlier this week, Mrs. Bashcraft bought a baby sling for Micro-Bash, but one of the straps on it caused him to rub his chin, irritating it.

So, Mrs. Bashcraft called the company that made it, Combi, and an employee said that they would send someone to our house to help rectify the matter. The Combi staffer was supposed to arrive at 10am — and did. Exactly at 10am, the doorbell rang, and the employee was standing on our doorstep.

For about an hour, the staffer talked with Mrs. Bashcraft, trying to figure out how she was holding the baby in the sling, if it was incorrect and what could be done so this wouldn't happen again.

The staffer even brought protective covers for the straps — several of them, actually. He also brought some Combi baby toys. He gave us his business card in case the straps still rub Micro-Bash and told us to phone him at Combi if they do. Granted, the staffer said, they can't do anything about the design of the product — but offered to replace it with one of their other ones. We said we'll see how the protective covers work out.


He then apologized, and left.

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