Now This Is A Joystick

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I once had a Thrustmaster "Top Gun" joystick. Best one I ever had. Got me through 2.5 X-Wing games after I'd broken four on the first one. This new one, though, is a lot nicer.


It's called the HOTAS WARTHOG (Thrustmaster's caps, not ours), and is touted as a "full replica" of the flight stick and throttle of a real A-10 Warthog, an aircraft that despite its age is still about the meanest-looking thing in the sky.

Most of the thing is made of metal, and it weighs in at a hefty 14lbs. All those buttons work, too; there are 55 programmable buttons in all, with a further two "hat" switches as well.


This is all sounding great for those of you who still play flight sims, so let me temper your excitement with word that the HOTAS costs USD$500. That ought to weed out the casual bystanders among you.

Illustration for article titled Now This Is A Joystick

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Good lord, are flight sims becoming popular again? That reminds me of the metal hounds or w/e that game was on X-box.

I loved X-wing but I perferred Tie Fighter. The whole crazy betrayal within the empire was awesome, the missile boats were insane and the tie-deltas. Also having decent wing man AI and resupply shuttles for your missiles was awesome too.

Always wanted Tie fighter vs X-wing but never got it. =(