Now That We've Mastered Modern Warfare, Bring On The Swords

In today's installment of Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Nameloi craves a game that realistically depicts getting brained with a morningstar. We've got modern combat covered, why not medieval combat? She's even made her own box art.

How about a First Person Combat game set in the middle ages? replace assault rifles, bazookas and grenades for swords, throwing axes and crossbows. How about it being set in a historical time period like the Hundred Years' War between France and Britain or the Crusades?


Make it gritty, make it realistic, make it up close and personal, the sound of blades clashing, horses galloping and arrows piercing the sky.

We live in a First Person Shooter generation and no one, I mean no one has thought about this? Seriously?

So here I present you...Call to Arms: Medieval Warrior!


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