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Now That Hideo Kojima Is Free, He Can Do What He Wants

Illustration for article titled Now That Hideo Kojima Is Free, He Can Do What He Wants

Last year certainly didn’t seem like fun for Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima. But that was 2015. This is 2016.


This past December, Kojima has set up his own studio, Kojima Productions, a name that sounds vaguely familiar, and he and his team are working on a PS4 title for Sony.

Unfettered by the internet restrictions of yore, Kojima gives a peek at his recent trip to California to check out Sony’s game-making tech and hob knob with his famous pals.


Top image: Kaizerkunkun

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Him being around Mark Cerny for a while, I can only imagine all the weird/awesome interactive stuff they can brainstorm.