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Now Nintendo Are Going After Used Games

Illustration for article titled Now Nintendo Are Going After Used Games

Well, not games per se. Hardware. The Wii Speak peripheral, which is due to hit shelves any day now, is the latest item to take the fight to used games. How? Included with the microphone is a download coupon for the Wii Speak Channel, which you'll need if you want to use the device outside of games. That coupon is the only way you can get the channel. You can't download it from the Shop Channel, you can't pay for it then download it, you can't even beg Nintendo for a copy. So if you buy a Wii Speak mic used, you won't get the coupon, you won't be able to use the Wii Speak Channel. Savvy shot across the bow of used-game retailers, or dick move for budget-minded consumers? It's probably both. Wii Speak Channel Only For Wii Speak Purchasers, Don’t Buy It Used [MTV]


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Kind of a dick move.

Actually... REALLY a dick move.

They should atleast let you buy the channel separately. :\