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RE: New York State of Mind


Already Tweeted and Facebooked this, so if you read this there, SORRY.

The doorknob to the restroom suddenly fell off, making opening it very difficult. Out of all the doors in the house you don't want to be difficult to open...especially if you have small children.

I called the doorknob company and told them that the doorknob was all broken — and that it was brand new. The doorknob company apologized profusely and said they would send a doorknob man to my house.

The doorknob man showed up in a suit and a bag of tools and fixed the doorknob. Actually, he did one better, he replaced it with a brand new doorknob. I'd imagine wearing a suit doesn't make changing a doorknob easier, but whatever. Kinda like not having a doorknob doesn't make opening the door easier, but likewise, whatever.


Because the doorknob man and the doorknob company were so prompt and polite with their service, I asked the doorknob man for a doorknob catalogue. I'm thinking of ordering some doorknobs. You know, to put on doors.

Always pays to be polite, I guess!

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