Now Facebook Games Can Create User Groups to Fill With 'Add Me' Posts

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The second Zynga posts a message on the app page for a game like FarmVille 2 it fills with posts from people seeking friends to help them in-game. Now there's a new feature in beta for Facebook developers that will allow for apps and games to create their own groups, giving players another place to fill with "add me plz" posts.

Ideally the new feature, available to all apps and games listed in the Facebook app center, will allow games to seamlessly create its own groups, inviting players to join and socialize with people they might not know outside of the little icon at the bottom of the screen. No longer shall fans be forced to create them on their own.

As Inside Facebook suggests, this functionality could be used to help social gamers create their own clans and guilds within the games they play, a feature other social titles have built from scratch in the past.


Or it could just create more places for spam. Add me.

Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love [Facebook via Inside Facebook]

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If only it would keep people from spamming me. Not that Facebook is that important, but my phone does notify me if I get messages and sadly app request count.