Doesn't it just figure. I modify the format of the Nintendo Download to included video and demos in order to present a larger look at Nintendo's downloadable offerings, and they find a way to knock it down to three entries again.

It's definitely a slow download week for Nintendo. We've got a 3DS puzzler, a DSiWare dress-up dolly game, and a Death Cab for Cutie video that won't even hit the Nintendo Video service until Saturday.

Still, that 3DS puzzler does look rather interesting. Ketzal's Corridors is a sort of 3D Tetris riff in which the player must rotate a block to avoid obstacles as it plunges down some sort of tunnel-thingy. A corridor, if you will. That's the sort of quality entertainment that could keep me in the bathroom far longer than I should stay.

And then there's Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection, a DSiWare title that could keep a darker, creepier person in the bathroom far longer than they should stay.

I suppose it's for the best. No one ever brings their Wii into the bathroom.


Ketzal's Corridors
Platform: 3DS
Price: $6.99

The evil god Koruptal has brought chaos and destruction to the spirit world, and it's up to you to put things right. Use speed, skill and lightning-fast reflexes in this engaging, action-packed puzzle game.


Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection
Platform: 3DS, DSi
Price: $4.99, 500 DSi Points

Dress-up a stylish doll, selecting from a wide range of dresses and accessories from Tokyo. Use the stylus to choose hair styles, hair accessories, dresses, jackets and shoes, mixing and matching items to create hundreds of beautiful outfit combinations. Once your doll is complete you can choose from various backgrounds and boarder designs to create a stunning picture with your doll center stage. Alternatively set your Tokyo doll against a background of your choice by taking your own picture using the built-in camera of your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS system. You can further decorate and your doll by adding stars and other pretty effects or by drawing freehand. Your completed doll pictures can be saved to the SD Card (sold separately) and traded with friends, used on social networks as your avatar picture or printed out using a computer.




Death Cab for Cutie "Underneath the Sycamore"

Set to the distinctive sounds of Death Cab's "Underneath the Sycamore," this video has a unique, old-time comic book feel. Follow this investigation into a tragic story and the search for peace.