Nothing Says I Love You Like Pink And Blue Wii Remotes

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While announcing its early 2010 software lineup this morning, Nintendo also announced a February 14th North American release date for the pink and blue Wii remotes, giving the significant others of Nintendo fans the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea.


Sure, Japan got them first, but here in North America we get the pink and blue Wii remotes on a day perfect for spreading love through pleasantly colored video game accessories. The two new colors come packaged in Nintendo's unique protective sleeve, which brings to mind intimate toys while also serving as a reminder about safe sex, while the bundled Wii Motion Plus accessory is perfect for reminding your loved one that just swinging it around randomly is only fun until someone loses an eye.


The announcement didn't specifically mention price, but we can assume they'll be in line with the current Wii remote / Motion Plus bundles at $49.99, or $54.99 at GameStop. Where's the love, GameStop?

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Okay I would have to make my bf use the pink one *disdains pink*. He gets the pink towel, the pink toothbrush and now the pink controller. I also make him play the girl in all the 2P coop type games we play (ie RE5). Not like that's a really "manly" blue anyway...