Nothing Says Fit Seamen Like Wii Fit

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New sailors! Time to get in shape.

According to Navy Surgeon General Vice Admiral Adam Robinson, video games like Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution could be useful in assisting "newcomers to the military service build up the endurance they need to get in shape safely."

The latest issue of the Navy Times reports that it requires more effort to get new recruits into "fighting shape" compared to years past. More and more new recruits are injured during basic training as they are "not used the amount of standing and running".

So...get them used to it?

It should be noted that the majority of the Navy's basic training is done indoors as opposed to Air Force's, which is conducted outdoors. The reasons for this are obvious as new recruits will spend the majority of their work days on a submarine or on a ship.


When World War I started, it was difficult training new troops because of things like poor diet made them underweight. And now, here we are in the 21st century and some of the men and women who are going to serve their country have become too...sedentary.

Guess we all have, though.

US Navy considering fitness video games for boot camp [Joystiq] [Pic]

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Paradox me

Picture made me think: What if Orson Welles had a balance board?

Not sure why.

I'm also trying to get into better shape before joining the Air Force, as I have a feeling Basic would decimate me in my current flabby form. Thought about picking up Wii Fit as something to keep me busy when I can't do normal workouts, but I'm not so sure.