Nothing Brings a Family Together Like NBA 2K13

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On his ass is Doc Rivers, of the 1986 Atlanta Hawks. Putting him there is his son, first-round draft pick Austin Rivers (25) of the New Orleans Hornets. And at the sticks for this wonderful family get together is Austin's little brother, Spencer.


"My little bro just crossed my dad in 2K13 with me," said Austin. "Haha Yeah pops I'm up 1."

Austin's Bees face pops' C's in Orlando New Orleans—what am I a goddamn imbecile?—on Nov. 25.


[via Instagram]

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Char Aznable

Lol that's excellent. I can't believe I never realized he was Doc's son. However this amuses me because I just crossed up Austin Rivers with an ankle breaker earlier and I just walked right over him to the hoop with a windmill reverse dunk, lol.