Not Ready To Study, These Kids Are Killing Time With The Wii

In north-eastern Japan, refugees are gathered in gymnasiums that have been converted into shelters for those displaced by the earthquake.

Some shelters have enough books, paper and pencils so that displaced kids can study. Many shelters do not. One 14 year-old at a shelter in Fukushima's Iwaki City tells Sankei News that his house was washed away and the current conditions are not suitable for doing school work.


Some areas don't have electricity, still or running water. Some shelters, however, do.

"My older brother's friend got out his Nintendo Wii and brought it here," he added. "Since we don't have school supplies, there's nothing to do all day and it gets boring."

The desire to do schoolwork seems to be a desire to return to normal - or even, get one's mind off of what happened. These kids are lucky to have a Wii, though. Quake refugee kids at another shelter recently told The Mainichi News that they really wanted video games.


【放射能漏れ】ネットの噂と乖離した被災地の実態 福島・いわき市+(1) [MSN産経ニュース]

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