Not Even The Elder Scrolls Online's Cinematic Trailer is Helping

It's a sad state of affairs when you're not even feeling a game's cinematic trailer, but then, that's about par for the course with me and The Elder Scrolls Online. The game itself just doesn't look, or sound like an Elder Scrolls title. And neither does this trailer.


If you'd told me that was Lord of the Rings, I'd have believed you. If you'd told me it was EverQuest, hell, I'd have believed you.

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Josef Burn

Elder Scrolls has ALWAYS been generic, the only reason its avoided relentless comparisons with WoW before is the first-person POV, now that this game is only third person that barriers broken down.

ES is about the experience of exploring the world and the amount of things to do and in what depth, so everyone calm the hell down.