The latest Honest Game Trailer focuses on gaming's favorite high-speed collision of universes, Kingdom Hearts. As with most Honest Trailers, the Disney-Square Enix mash-up comes out a pile of twisted metal (and cartoon duck bills). But the trailer also raises a good question: where's our Pixar world?

In addition to making that extremely legitimate complaint, Smosh Games takes issue with Kingdom Hearts' (at times) madly confusing story and mind-boggling character naming schemes. Which one is the real Ansem again? How many characters are actually Xehanort? Who am I? Am I actually some nobody's Nobody, or a somebody's antibody, or anybody's Sum 41?


Of course, the whole thing is done with Honest Trailers' usual wry grin, so probably don't get too upset if you're a big fan of the series. I was too, back when I was a little younger; less so now because age is the REAVER OF INNOCENCE. I would absolutely dive back into the series if Square added a Toy Story world or even just a couple Wall-E characters, though. Just sayin'.