Not All Social Games Have To Look Like They Were Made For Children

If I say the words "casual game", you probably think of something that's on Facebook. With graphics drawn by, and targeted towards, twelve year-olds.

You certainly don't imagine them looking like this.

This is "A Familiar World", the first title from developers Inemeri, which is looking to bridge a little of the gap between the social/casual space (who want to pick up and play, and work together) and the more hardcore audience (who generally like it when things look nice).


While we don't exactly know what you do in the game yet - Inemeri are keeping that close to their chests - A Familiar World takes place just before a looming storm, where you must "explore this mysterious world with the help of your friends and create your own epic tale."

It'll be out in the Summer, will be free-to-play (with an in-game store for purchased) and will be available for browsers, iPad and iPhone.

[via IndieGames]

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