Not All Multiplayer Shooters Are Abandoned After 12 Months

Some are abandoned and then picked up again years later, when everyone had forgotten all about them.

There are a lot of things wrong with multiplayer shooters these days, but not all of them are guilty of costing $60 then dying a year later. I mean, look at Tribes Ascend, a game released in 2012.


Three years old, and without an update since 2013, it got one today, and it’s a big one. The game has essentially been reset, with changes across to the board to classes, weapons and vehicles.

Fans seem pleased, and long-time players have had all their in-game currency (it’s a free-to-play gamed) and XP refunded so that they can spend it all over again.

Of course, that long silence wasn’t for nothing; Tribes had been left to die while developers Hi-Rez focused their efforts on Smite, so another way of looking at this is that it’s an...unabandoning?

Wish more games got a breath of fresh air like this, regardless of how minor or trivial it ends up being.

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