There’s a notion that anime (and manga) characters look good in their respective formats because they are so stylized. In real life, this notion goes, they’d look strange. That’s not always true.

As previously, a set of highly realistic Attack on Titan statues are on display at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. Two of the figures—Armin and Mikasa—appear to be the same or similar to last year’s.

Like last year, I found the Armin one especially unsettling.


This year, however, there are two new ones: Eren and Levi. The interesting thing about Eren is that he shows off more flesh.

A closer look.


And now for Eren’s foot.

His skin looks so real, so human that you’d think you were looking at a real person.

Then you see his manga and anime-style face and realize, no, this is not an actual human being.

Then, there’s Levi, whom they really nail. This statue does an amazing job of capturing Levi’s aura. It’s so good that this statue, unlike the others, doesn’t give you a weird or unnatural feeling.

His proportions seem to be a tad more realistic.

And while his eyes are huge, they’re not as big as Mikasa’s or Armin’s or even Eren’s.

But perhaps Levi looks less unsetting due to his expression of disdain for even daring to think something like that.

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