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Northeast U.S. GameStops Selling Modern Warfare 2 Early - Updated

Illustration for article titled Northeast U.S. GameStops Selling Modern Warfare 2 Early - Updated

GameStops in Northeastern states such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are selling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 early, with one store claiming special dispensation from Activision due to street-breaking mom-and-pop stores.


Here in Atlanta we still have to wait until Monday's midnight launch to pick up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but lucky folks in several Northeastern states are getting their copies earlier. According to a GameStop employee I spoke to in Bowling Green, Ohio, Activision granted certain area stores special permission to sell the game early, in order to stem the tide of lost customers picking their copies up early from local mom and pop stores.

Update: Activision says this was not the case. Activision contacted Kotaku today with an official statement regarding the situation in Bowling Green and surrounding areas: "Activision has not given any retailer permission to sell Modern Warfare 2 prior to the Nov. 10 street date. The company fully supports the Nov.10 street date."


Second Update: GameStop corporate responded to Kotaku late Sunday afternoon, confirming that the decision to break the street date was made corporately.

The original story continues:

The employee actually greeted me with "Thank you for calling GameStop, where you can pick up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2." Calls to my local GameStop stores were greeted with claims of jealousy and invitations to come by Monday night to pick up my copy. Dammit.


Thanks to C & C Games for sending us a copy of their receipt, and everyone in New York and Pennsylvania who sent in tips. Lucky bastards.

The comment section would be an excellent place for you to bitch about the general unfairness of all of this.

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I had no intent to post on this Gawker site today, but meh... Screw it.

The "mom and pop" stores, as you like to put it, are really more or less independently owned stores; some with only one owner for one store, others with one (or more owners) for a small chain of stores.

The term "mom and pop" in this case, is inaccurate, since it doesn't properly nor correctly give the reader of just how many stores not owned by either a "Big Box Corporation" or C|Net are out there in the Northeast and Midwest regions (Ohio is a Midwest state, by the way.)

Regardless, out in the Midwest and Northeastern regions, GameStop will need any advantage they can get against the independent stores, since they tend to offer much lower prices, more selection (in some cases), fair prices on rare titles, an extensive library for classic gaming and the ability to reasonably haggle your own price with the management/ownership

Gamestop, when you think about it, is outmatched when the consumer knows where the better deal is. I still see it daily when I go to shop, and the Gamestop might have one or two people in there, with a parent possibly looking for Christmas ideas.

The indie shops, on the other hand, get dozens of them.

And the ONLY reason WHY they don't get more coverage on here? Mainly because either the writers/editors here don't know a whole hell of a lot about them or they didn't know their significance.

Either excuse is a poor one.

Having said that, how about writing an article about the indie gaming shops for a change? #callofdutymodernwarfare2