North American Pangya Back In Business

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The North American version of Ntreev's popular online fantasy golf game Pangya is officially back in business as of today.


Pangya is a free-to-play, microtransaction-based online game that banks on players purchasing new costumes and equipment for their adorable anime avatars. Previously operating in North America under the name Albatross 18, the games was to have been taken down this past March. Instead, Ntreev USA took over the game from the previous operator, OGplanet, losing the Albatross moniker in favor of the original Pangya. After a brief beta period, the game is now fully operational, with special events planned to celebrate the re-launch.

"Pangya is Ntreev's flagship title and we are so happy to bring it back to the North American players," said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. "We have had an overwhelming response from players who want their favorite golf game back! This casual, yet innovative and accessible golf experience is back for good—and we have great plans for its future including new content, special events and more."

Players interested in dressing up anime golfers can download the client from the game's official website.



So you go to a magical world where the impossible can happen and, well, you play golf.