As much as I love dogs, cats are the ones who rule the internet, and in China it's no different. Taking China's largest social network by storm in conjunction with the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is this Beijing kitty, Piggycat KeLe.

Ke Le, which just happens to be the same name for Coke in China, shot to stardom in the middle kingdom in 2013, around the same time SnoopyBabe did. Ke Le, who will turn five later this week, recently became talked about on Weibo again with the release of Winter Soldier in China. The movie was a big hit with Chinese audiences and Ke Le's tiny Capt. costume took Weibo users by storm. It's utterly adorable!

Not only did Ke Le don the star and stripes, he also wore the bat cape! When not out saving the world with his cuteness, she poses for gifs and photos. His owner Caroline says that Ke Le's costumes are either photoshops that she does herself or prefabricated costumes purchased or sent in by friends.




Oh, and that little flower on his head? Caroline says that the flower is both Ke Le's friend as well as what is used to censor his bits.

Photos : Caroline | Sina Weibo @ Zhumaokele

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