Nope, No Diablo 3 Announcement Coming, Sorry

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The last few days have been good sport for anyone who enjoys watching the internet conjure rumours out of sheer fantasy. Take the one concerning Diablo 3, for example. The teaser for next month's PC Gamer contained the line "so huge we had to go to [CENSORED] to get it," and from that nondescript sliver, we somehow got a ton of people convinced Diablo 3 is coming. And hey, it might be, sometime in the future, but not now, with PC Gamer telling Shacknews "we're officially squelching the Diablo rumor. We've got two big announcements coming in our August issue, but neither is from Blizzard". Case closed. Return to your Diablo fan forums and remain there until further notice.


PC Gamer Squelches Diablo 3 Rumor [Shacknews]


Luke Plunkett

@Nirolak: Exactly, that's what I was thinking.