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Three video game titles will be enshrined along with the second class of honorees at the International Video Game Hall of Fame in Ottumwa, Iowa, which is seeking public input as it assembles nominees for final voting. Nominations close on March 15.


A group as large as 18, comprised of living persons, organizations, and game titles, will be inducted this year. The nominees will be drawn from four categories, with a lifetime achievement award honoring a longtime contributor to the industry.

The IVGHOF is taking email nominations from the public, limited to one nominee per category. After March 15, the recommendations will be compiled into a public ballot submitted to a selection committee, which will make the final decision on who joins the Hall of Fame's Class of 2011. This year's induction ceremonies will be Aug. 6.


You may submit a recommendation here. These are the five categories:

Gamers (up to eight annual inductees): Recognizing up to eight individuals each year who have excelled in the field of video game competition, either as tournament champions or world record holders.

Games (up to three annual inductees): Recognizing up to three games each year that have been historical milestones in the advancement of the video game industry.

Contributions to the Industry (up to three annual inductees): Recognizing up to three individuals, companies or organizations each year who have inspired or created many of the video game industry's most important milestones. This category embraces the companies, pioneers, the visionaries, the business leaders, the inventors, the innovators, the film & TV industry and the world of video game journalism.

The Industry Designers (up to three annual inductees) Recognizing up to three individuals per year who have pioneered technological or artistic breakthroughs in game design and gaming graphics, as well as advancements in game music and game audio technology.

Lifetime Achievement Award (up to one annual inductee)
Recognizing one individual per year who has been a major contributor to the worldwide video game industry throughout the course of their entire career.

Again, you may only recommend one nominee per category. For a list of those enshrined in the first class, see this link.

Induction Process [International Video Game Hall of Fame]

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