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Nolan Bushnell is "thrilled and honored" that Leonardo DiCaprio may be the actor that represents him in the upcoming movie based on his life and the birth of Atari.

In an interview with Multiplayer, Bushnell said that the writers Brian Hecker and Craig Sherman really seemed to get what Atari stood for and that despite the numerous pitches for similar stories, this was the first he's backed.

"There's been a lot of books [about Atari]," he said. "Some correct, some incorrect. I've kind of gotten used to being portrayed by others. I kind of thought that this [a movie] might happen. I kind of thought that it wouldn't happen until maybe after I was in the ground for a little while. [laughs]"


Hit up Multiplayer for the full interview with Bushnell and his thoughts on previous brushes with Hollywood fame.

Atari Founder ‘Thrilled' To Be Played By Leonardo DiCaprio, Talks ‘Atari' Movie [Multiplayer]

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