Noisia Drops Some Serious Bombs On The DMC Soundtrack

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What kinds of bombs? Dude, all kinds of bombs. F-bombs, beat-bombs, bass-bombs. All of the bombs.


The drum and bass group Noisia (NOISIA? I kind of like this all-caps thing bands are doing) has been brought on along with Combichrist to make music for Ninja Theory's upcoming DMCry, and, well… the music Noisia has made so far is pretty dang bodacious. Check it out:

I mean, there's massive, and then there's massive. This track gives me vertigo.

Writing on their Soundcloud page, Noisia sounds enthusiastic about the process of working on the game's music:

"Its been an awesome experience working with Ninja Theory on the game. We had great freedom but were also bound by certain criteria typical in the game world, these are challenging boundaries (for example; consistency in sonics over 180 minutes of music) but also lots of space in terms of dynamics & progression and instrumentation, being able to create soundscapes without having to worry about holding the attention of a dancefloor. Also, their music director was great to work with, good vibes. It's great when you get to play to your strengths. And the game kicks ass."

The last time we saw something like this, it was when HEALTH did the music for Max Payne 3, and we all know how amazingly that turned out.


Check out this video for Noisia's "Could This Be":

Hey, look at that! I just got more interested in DMC.

If you'd like to know more about NOISIA, check them out on their website or on Facebook.


Weaponized Smallpox: Give Sick!

So hey Electronica guys, question. I like some industrial type music a bit and this is pretty cool, but who should I check out if I want to hear real dark sounding industrial stuff? I already got some of Noisia's stuff and for the most part it's cool. Like if you listen to that song "Machine Gun" original mix at about 1:30 in? That's the kind of stuff I'm into, kinda with a bit of a hardcore metal twist. Sounds like boss fight music. Shit that song is cool as fuck! Thanks in advance for suggestions.