Nobuo Uematsu Sells Out San Francisco

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If you missed Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu in Seattle last weekend and you don't have tickets to this weekend's show in San Francisco, you'll just have to move to Japan and stalk him.


The July 18th San Francisco performance of Distant Worlds: the music of FINAL FANTASY sold out within weeks of the tickets becoming available on the San Francisco Symphony ticket services site. But don't be completely crushed: it looks like you can still buy tickets to the after party at Crimson Lounge for $110. Uematsu will be there, so consider it a cheaper alternative to moving to Japan.


The Distant Worlds concert series features different selections from Uematsu's Final Fantasy scores and is conducted by Grammy-winner Arnie Roth. It kicked off a world tour in Stockholm, Sweden on December 4, 2007. Find out more about it here.

And in case you plan on hitting eBay or want to shop for scalpers outside the theater, the San Francisco Distant Worlds performance will be at Davies Symphony Hall on July 18 at 8PM.

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Char Aznable

I'm going! My sister bought me a ticket for my birthday so three of us are gonna go see it. I think we actually got the LAST THREE. Very lucky. Hopefully see some of you there!