Nobody Explains Super-Speed Like the Muppets

You always see gotta-go-fast superheroes punching people when they fight bad guys. And, yeah, a fist delivered at the speed of sound will probably do the job of crushing evil. But a guy like Quicksilver doesn’t even need to hit a person to mess ‘em up real bad.

The newest video from the folks at vSauce enlists Jim Henson’s famous puppet creations to help talk about the effects that a human-sized object moving at Mach 10 would wreak on the environment. While you can argue that the Flash’s Speed Force nullifies consequences like the ones outlined in the video, there hasn’t been a catch-all plot device that says why Quicksilver doesn’t cause all sort of collateral damage when he’s saving (or trying to subjugate) the world.


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I think one aspect that is often ignored with superheroes that move fast is their affect on the things they’re interacting with. For example, the force of their feet pushing against the ground. When they catch the girl falling from the building, they’re still going at Mach 1.X, so logically the arm of the girl would be ripped clean off when the hero catches them, right?