No, You Can't Play Mario Kart On Facebook, Despite Scammers' Claims

Illustration for article titled No, You Cant Play emMario Kart/em On Facebook, Despite Scammers Claims

There's currently a rather clever scam fishing its way through Facebook at the moment, looking to cash in on one of the most popular video game series of all time: the humble Mario Kart.

You know you can't play Nintendo games on Facebook. I know you can't play Nintendo games on Facebook. But millions of more casual Wii owners, who may own a copy of the game but not be up to speed on platform licensing deals, might not know that. So they might click on the above banner, thinking, hey, I can play Mario Kart on Facebook!

They won't be. What they'll be doing is answering a dodgy survey, then quite possibly being asked to install some shady software as well.


So if you catch a friend or loved one reaching for a Facebook game that looks too good to be true, please remind that it is too good to be true.

Mario Kart on Facebook? Fast-spreading scam hits many users' accounts [Naked Security]

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Semi off topic question for CS folks.

With hardware acceleration possible for Flash 11, could a gamecube/wii graphic wise game be possible for browser?