"No, Uplay will not be featured in South Park: The Stick of Truth." Obsidian Entertainment, on whether Steam users would have to use Ubisoft's online platform to play the game. They later clarified that on PC, Stick of Truth would be "a Steam game, with Steam achievements," and that "Uplay was not integrated at all."


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People really need to get over the whole"I refuse to play a game with Uplay or Origins" bullshit. They are no different than Steam albeit with less bells and whistles here and there. I actually like the rewards thing they have with Uplay to unlock things in any Ubisoft games with a currency you earn in game by completing achievements, ya know that thing people complained we couldn't do anymore?

Uplay and Origins does not infect your computer with spyware or malware, they do not open back doors for the NSA to spy on your computer and all the midget amputee porn you have, it doesn't overlord your hard drive and make it implode. Yes, each platform has its own problems but they are no worse than Steam when it fucks up and down the 7 hells.

I just facepalm every time someone goes off saying how they refuse to buy a game because it's on Uplay or Origins even though they clearly want to buy it/play it and some even go so far as to say they'll pirate it to "show em who's boss!" like that's the fuckin' solution. And to the people who say they hate signing up for multiple things, they don't like having multiple clients for different games, big deal, close your facebook and twitter account while you're at it if you care about that shit. They don't take up that much space or use up much resources. In many cases as far as performance goes, Uplay and Origins beats Steam in that department. Origins has MUCH better download speeds and Uplay uses basically no resources while running when you play a game.

Also, both sell other games besides EA and Ubisoft titles just like steam and they have sales as well. Having competing platforms is a GOOD thing. Steam/Valve having a monopoly on it is a bad thing. It makes them lazy when they don't have to compete with anyone.(kinda like before all this SteamOS/Steambox stuff Valve wasn't doing shit with Steam and it still has tons of issues even still?) And even if they aren't competing, it's still good to have options and varying prices, like with GMG and GoG. It's ok people, you can have both. You can have options.

/endrant wall of text