No, The Game Boy Advance Is Not Dead

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With the Nintendo DS now the undisputed heavyweight champion of the handheld gaming space, we got to wondering: what's become of the humble Game Boy Advance? Is it dead?


Ask yourself: when was the last time you saw a Game Boy Advance on a shelf? Or heard about a new Game Boy Advance game? Or even heard Nintendo mention the console, even in passing?

Exactly. Never. So, fearing for the health of the poor little guy, we contacted Nintendo to see whether the console had been quietly killed off in the middle of the night, its years of loyal service rewarded with naught but an unmarked grave somewhere outside Nintendo HQ.

Nintendo's response was a surprising one. Turns out the Game Boy Advance is not dead. Shipments of the console are still being made to distributors and retailers across the world, and last fiscal year, the GBA sold 420,000 units worldwide, with the vast majority of those sales being made in the Asian and developing markets.

So, there you have it. Reports of the Game Boy's death have been greatly exaggerated!



Back when the DS was announced, Nintendo said they would have a three pillar approach to gaming. The Revolution (Wii), Nintendo DS, and the Game Boy. They said the DS was not a new Game Boy and not a replacement for the GBA, and they further hinted that they would have a GBA successor soon.

I want to know where the next Game Boy is, Nintendo. Your three pillar approach seems to be missing one key facet. Or did you just not expect the DS to catch on like it did, and you just set the Game Boy label aside?

As someone who had the original grey box that was the original Game Boy, it is with great sadness that I see the Game Boy series of handhelds neglected. Yeah, Nintendo can claim they still sell a lot of GBAs, but no one makes GBA games anymore. Nintendo has more or less abandoned the Game Boy line.